Project Definition and Management

We use a proven process to clearly understand the needs of your business and properly define Programs and Projects to address the needs. We use a proven process to define and plan at both the program and project levels.

We utilize a proven technology selection process that leverages the definition and start-up services to focus you on what is truly important to your business. We believe that technology choices must reflect the true business need and are the enabler.

AGILE can be applied in many forms to help your IT teams be more responsive, flexible and ensure that portfolio investments are as effective as possible. We offer IT Coaching and Strategy Leadership to help shift IT from a cost focused organization to a more strategic asset supporting the company.

We can help shift the culture away from one and done investments, cost obsession and failing at retiring technical debt to embracing more of a balanced approach between continuous improvement and new implementation/ technical debt reduction. IT can be a strategic asset. Is your IT department ready?

Additional Services;

PMO Formation, Maturity Assessments and Gap Closure Planning

Project Management Software Implementation Consulting

Stage Gate Establishment and Refinement